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VotesforSchools gives your students a voice on the issues that affect them the most, as well as supporting you to consistently embed SMSC, British Values and Prevent across your school.

Be Informed. Be Curious. Be Heard.

How does VotesforSchools work?

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VotesforSchools provides weekly zero-prep packages for Primary, Secondary and Colleges created by teachers. This includes:

  • Whole school assembly, tutor-time session and full lesson
  • Curriculum map showing weekly coverage of SMSC, British Values and Prevent
  • Cross-curricular planning ideas and parent information sheet
  • Online voting platform that captures students voice
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Our team of teachers create downloadable lessons that tackle some of the biggest issues for children and young people today. We understand the lives of busy teachers who may not be experts in all things current affairs, but yet are the ones students come to, to help them make sense of the world.

The resources support teachers both with workload and with a 'hook' in to some potentially challenging issues. We love it here!

Headteacher, Caldmore Primary

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After each lesson students vote, making their voice on the issue heard. Our voting platform enables your school to see how your students have voted compared to the national picture, and broken down by age and gender giving you a real insight into what they think and feel about a range of diverse issues.

VotesforSchools works alongside influencial bodies such as government departments, police, media, celebrities and charities who respond to the students showing them their voice is being heard

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The results from our last VoteTopic

Check back every week to see the latest results from our weekly VoteTopics.



Would you go vegan for a month? (KS2) / Would you go vegetarian for a month? (KS1)

Jan 10 - Jan 17


Would you go vegan for a month?



Is it easy to be vegan today?

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What teachers say

"The VoteTopics are fun, engaging and really relevant to the young people we teach."

Helen Keevil

Head of Welfare, EPSOM College

What teachers say

"We love VotesforSchools here, it's a great platform for discussion & debating. We've had Primary schools in, Heads of other schools and UTCs and I've been plugging VotesforSchools to all of them and they're really impressed with how it works."

Head of SMSC

UTC Plymouth

What teachers say

"I would like to take this moment to say what a fantastic resource VotesforSchools is - it's so invaluable for teaching and informing the children about current affairs."

Senior Leader

Thomas’s Clapham Secondary School

What teachers say

"Our Year 6 teacher told me they are having the best ever lesson using your anti-bullying resource & that she absolutely loves VotesforSchools. Our drama teacher also emailed me last week saying: 'I am not sure I have ever said it but I literally love this website. It is brilliant & such a useful tool.'"

Deputy Head

Parkgate Primary School

We make resources that tackle the #bigissues in a way that's understandable, interesting and even fun. This week, we've teamed up with @_YJB to ask young people their thoughts on #youthcriminalrecords and we can't wait to hear your thoughts! #smsc #pshe #youngvoters

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Our #BlackHistoryMonth and #Anti-Bullying lessons were some of our favourites from last term too! We liked them so much that we're sharing them for #free through #TES ( and through the The #Anti-BullyingAlliance ( πŸ†“πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«...

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This week, we've teamed up with @_YJB to get our students thinking about how #criminalrecords received by #under18s can impact their future as they debate "Should criminal records last into adulthood?" #pshe #smsc #britishvalues #youngvoters #tutortime #ukschools #prevent

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We received this comment just before Christmas and we HAD to share it! In the words of @GretaThunberg "You're never too small to make a difference." Well done Woodcote, we're so glad our resources could help bring about a positive #environmentalchange πŸŒŽπŸ€πŸ™Œ #teacherresources...

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While a #vegan diet can be beneficial to ourselves, #animals and the #environment, it's not always easy to make the change. In the final part of our lesson, students consider the difficulties they might face if they went vegan before deciding if they're up for the challenge...

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